Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon 2021

Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon 2021

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While each release of Yellowstone Limited Edition is different, one thing always remains the same: a promise of top-shelf flavor with humble complexities. This year’s offering features a 7-year-old bourbon finished in Amarone barrels and 15-year-old aged bourbon. The Amarone melds perfectly with the bourbon – providing flavors of cherry, black currant, and oxidized fruits.

The 2021 Yellowstone Limited Edition is sold in custom-designed bottles featuring embossing and a high-end natural cork, making it a natural fit for the Limestone Branch family of spirits.

Caramel and vanilla complimented by dried fruit and chocolate.

Vanilla and caramel with hints of citrus followed by black cherry, dark chocolate, and fig.

Reminiscent of pre-prohibition bourbons, with a sweet cherry and black currant finish.

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