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Uncle Val's Peppered Gin

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Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin is both an excellent sipping gin and a highly versatile mixing gin for cocktails. It represents a truly unique flavor profile, starting with sharp peppercorn and evolving into char and juniper. Bold yet smooth, it stays true to the Uncle Val’s line of gins.ingredients juniper: the classic gin ingredient, brings an element of tartness and crispness. red bell pepper: the roasted red peppers provide a unique, earthy smokiness. black pepper: lends a strong, clear pepper flavor that permeates throughout. pimento: also known as cherry pepper, the pimentos provides a savory sensation.GLUTEN-FREEALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTSNO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS, COLORS OR ADDITIVESthe tasteCreating an intriguing first impression, the nose offers crisp black peppercorn and a hint of charred peppers greet the nose, while a bold pepper flavor and tingly, salty sensation make up the mouth feel. With a sip, the crisp, salty pepper evolves into a sour-sweet juniper taste and the pleasing bite of charred red peppers, all of which finished with the smooth, fading sense of peppercorn.

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