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Known as the Black Sheep of whiskeys, Skrewball’s story is rather exciting. It all started with a passionate bartender and foodie, who decided to combine his favorite classics, which were whiskey and peanut butter. Of course, at first, many thought that this was a horrible idea and that it will never work out, but they were wrong and the successful brand took off. The Skrewball whiskey is very well-known today, both because of its bizarre combination, and also because of its impeccable taste.

The Skrewball brand of whiskey was ultimately formulated by a husband and his wife. Their names are Steven and Brittany Yeng; and while he was the one who created the peanut butter whiskey cocktail, she is the one who made it into Skrewball, and created the brand. The whiskey came out in 2018, and immediately it became a hit. This is an American Whiskey that is carefully distilled in the USA, at Skrewball Spirits distillery. While at first people were interested in this different combination of tastes, after trying the whiskey, it started flying off the shelves due to its taste.

The whiskey is bottled in a classic bottle shape, with an interesting black sheep logo. It has a dark golden color and offers a perfect combination of whiskey, known for being bold and strong, and peanut butter, known for being irresistible and smooth. The aroma offers notes of honey and peanuts, as one could have already expected. It is definitely a completely different experience than with your usual whiskey.

The flavor is quite interesting as well. You will get the taste of fresh roasted peanuts at first, which will be followed by toasted rye bread, candy bars, and a bit of pepper. It is an interesting combination, to say the least. When talking about the finish, Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey offers a long and lasting finish. It is incredibly unique, and perfect for all sorts of parties!

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