Remy Martin Louis XIII

Remy Martin Louis XIII

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The origins of the Louis XIII cognac began in the early 1700s, with the founding of the House of Cognac. After over a century of experience producing cognac, Rémy Martin (Paul-Emile Rémy Martin) decided to take control of the business, as he began to sell the House’s Cognac under his family name. In the past, this cognac was sold in barrels, but Rémy Martin broke that tradition and decided to bottle the cognacs instead. A blend of his best 100% Grande Champagne cognacs began selling in 1874, in an ornate decanter. Louis XIII was a blend that was originally designated “Champagne Very Old” with unknown aging.

So, how is Louis XIII made? Grande Champagne cru of Cognac is still in charge of sourcing the eaux-de-vie for this particular cognac. This is a region in Cognac that is widely recognized for its limestone composition that is seen as an ideal for grapes employed when producing cognac. The aging process happens inside of 100 – 150 old French, thin-walled oak casks called tierçons, which were originally designed for maritime transport.

With each new generation, since 1874, a cellar master will select the oldest and the best eaux-de-vie for this exceptional drink we all know as Louis XIII. The cellar master might never actually taste the final blend of some of these eaux-de-vie, each one of them also has a task of carefully training a successor. Baptiste Loiseau joined as the apprentice, and as of 2014 he became the House’s current cellar master

There is an exciting story behind the design of the Louis XIII bottle, too. The concept originated in 1850, at the site of the Battle of Jarnac in 1569 when Rémy Martin came across a metal flask. He decided to purchase that flask and register the rights for its reproduction, and in honor of the House’s 150th anniversary in 1874, he designed a glass replica of the flask. That is the bottle shape we all know today.

Another interesting trivia night fact about Louis XIII is the fact that you can purchase from 50 milliliters small Louis XIII to 6 liters in one bottle. Louis XIII offers floral, sweet, and honey aromas, with perfumed fruit, like melon and peaches. The taste is superb, of almonds, peach, orange, orange blossom, and cinnamon with woody spice; ending it with delicate sweet oak spice, melon, grape and lingering floral notes.

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