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If you are looking for that perfect tequila brand that can be served chilled and at room-temperature while still tasting perfect, Løs Sundays Blanco is the way to go. This drink could easily be one of the tastiest Blanco tequilas out there. It is perfect for sipping, but you can drink it however you prefer. If you love good tequila, you cannot go wrong with Løs Sundays as lovers of tequila created the brand.

Løs Sundays is naturally gluten-free and sustainably farmed, made from a blend of lowland and highland 100% Blue Weber Agave, which is cooked and distilled traditionally in Jalisco, Mexico. Their brand has over 10x internationally recognized awards from Consumer SIP Awards and the World Spirits Competition of Sand Francisco.

Løs Sunday’s slogan simply states that their tequila will kill your boredom, and that is definitely true. All their products are bottled in the same type of bottle, that looks just like your average glass water bottle. The only difference between the three tequilas that Løs Sundays offers is the label and tequila color. Løs Sundays Blanco is in the middle of their price range and has a red label that stands out.

Their brand’s design is very simple, which shows that they were more focused on creating a good drink instead of making a fancy design. Løs Sundays Blanco is their un-aged clear tequila that is double-distilled from lowland agave that lends earthier undertones and highland agave blend, which offer incredibly smooth floral notes. Because of this, you have a full-bodied Blanco with a couple of agave layers.

Everyone enjoys a drink that they can sip however they want, and that is what Løs Sundays Blanco is all about. Whether you leave save it for guests, or you keep it in the fridge, Løs Sundays Blanco is great in every circumstance. It has a refined taste, without the warm burn you often get from the lower-end Blancos. But, you do still get the bite that you can expect from the superior quality Blanco. A tequila-lover cannot go wrong with Løs Sundays Blanco!

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