Lamborghini: Metodo Classico Rosè "The Legend" with Gift Box

Lamborghini: Metodo Classico Rosè "The Legend" with Gift Box

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Each purchase comes with a Lamborghini Gift Box.

Delightfully packaged for gifting, this Classico Rose is bottled in Italy and critically acclaimed by wine critics.

Product Details
You can expect the classic Lamborghini taste with this bottle of Rosè, including the unique fruitiness and freshness of unique pinot noir.
Although pinot noir can be a particularly difficult grape to work with, this rosé meets all expectations with its bright taste and elegant maturity.
How to Enjoy

Storage advice - Store each bottle upright away from vibrations in a cool and dark place. Ideal storage temperature is 42-46°F.
Closure - Cork
Alcohol by volume - 12.5%



Pinot Noir

Bright Rosè

Small red fruits

Very fine, persistent and pleasant

Serving Temp

42°F - 46°F


 Italian industrialist who introduced high-end sports cars to the Sant'Agata Bolognese area and subsequently, the world.
Lamborghini was born to grape farmers in the commune of Cento. His mechanical knowledge led him to take a different path from that of his family, and he entered the tractor manufacturing sector in 1948. The result was Lamborghini Trattori, a vital manufacturer of agricultural equipment in Italy in light of the economic boom that followed WWII. Lamborghini Bruciatori, a factory that specializes in producing oil heaters, was opened in 1959. It would start producing air conditioning equipment later.
A fourth company, Lamborghini Oleodinamica, was established in 1969. By the late 1970s, Lamborghini has sold off most of his business interests, leaving him free to retire in Umbria, where he was finally inclined to pursue winemaking.

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