John Walker & Sons Odyssey Blended Scotch

John Walker & Sons Odyssey Blended Scotch

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John Walker & Sons Odyssey was crafted by Master Blender Jim Beveridge using a recipe developed by Alexander Walker himself. The whisky is made by blending together three, extraordinarily rare single malts and is the first ever triple malt Scotch whisky from the House of Walker. "I searched a number of distilleries in Scotland for the perfect three whiskies to blend for John Walker & Sons Odyssey," says Beveridge. "The extraordinary single malts I've chosen have the right provenance and pedigree to create the aromas, tastes, flavors and sensations that Sir Alexander was looking for when he created the original blend almost 80 years ago." Once the three malt whiskies were identified, they were married together in casks coopered from European oak. Then, the whisky was bottled in a nautical decanter made of crystal-grade glass symbolic of both the steadfastness and dynamic progression of the House of Walker. The bottle is able to rotate 360 degrees within its container and always rests in an upright position. "This introduction pays tribute to Sir Alexander Walker while embodying the brand's commitment to keep walking along its path of innovation and evolution."

Nose: Hints of fresh citrus (particularly oranges), honeyed oak, cloves and ginger spices.

Palate: Rich mouthfeel also has subtle touches of caramel and sea salt.

Finish: Finishes with notes of nutmeg, toffee and Christmas cake.

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