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For over two centuries, Jameson has been producing some of the world’s highest quality Irish whiskey with their first distillery being opened in Dublin in 1780 by its founder John Jameson. John Jameson went to extraordinary lengths to create his beloved smooth-tasting whiskey and despite the time, which has passed, his legacy and fighting spirit has been kept alive by his successors.

Over the years Jameson’s masterful craftsmen have been dedicated to exploring new and exciting ways in which to heighten the experience of their whiskey connoisseurs through different aging methods, the use of oak casks and a variety of ways in which to serve their liquid gold.

Produced from a blend of the highest quality grain whiskey and single pot still whiskey, which uses a mixture of malted and unmalted Irish barley, all sourced from within a fifty-mile radius around the distillery in Cork, Jameson has remained true to its original recipe and has won numerous awards.

And because of the numerous whiskey options that Jameson now offers, their whiskey is a reliable base for a vast array of cocktails but is suggested that their whiskey should be served neat.

Adored for its pear, hops, green apple and vanilla flavor notes, Jameson Irish whiskey provides its consumer with a flavor that reportedly consists of marzipan, hops, cocoa, and oak with a remarkable finish that lingers with the essence of mild chocolate and butterscotch.

As one of the most recognizable names in Irish whiskey, the standard Jameson whiskey is known for its relatively smooth flavor and is widely derided by enthusiasts who look for greater complexity and character.

Triple distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years, Jameson is bottled at the industry-standard of minimum strength of 40% ABV and like every family, is made up of individual characters. While each has their own personality, they are all part of the Jameson family focused on taste and sold at a price point sure to quench your palette.

From holiday beverages, to the traditional whiskey sour and Irish coffee, Jameson offers a diversity that makes it a stable for any bar or home liquor cabinet.  

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