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When it comes to a brand that everyone has heard of, Jack Daniel’s is definitely on top of the list. This is a brand of whiskey the whole world has tried or at least heard about at least once. Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey and is known as the world's top-selling American whiskey. The founder of Jack Daniel’s is Jasper Newton Daniel, or as many called him, Jack. He was born in 1850, and he was the youngest of ten children.

After the death of his mother, his father remarried and had three more kids. Because of his bad relationship with his step-mother, after his father died, he decided to run away from home. Jasper Newton was then taken in by a moonshine distiller, Dan Call. He taught Jasper Newton about the distillation process and trade, and eventually, he decided to start his own business. This is how the brand Jack Daniel’s came to be. There is much history still to be written as well.

Made for a perfect gentleman, there is a special whiskey called Jack Daniel's Gentlemen Jack. It is double mellowed and offers higher smoothness. This is a premium version of the Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, and it offers a great complexity and amazing flavor. The ‘double mellowing’ is the main difference, as it is filtered through charcoal before being filled into the barrel before it is actually bottled.

Gentleman’s Jack is bottled without the expected black Jack Daniel's label and instead has a silver one. It looks a lot more sophisticated and has a nice golden color. Plus, it offers a spicy aroma of caramel, aniseed, and charred oak. Upon tasting it, you can expect a licorice-led palate, with cinnamon and oak, as well as a bit of banana. Jack Daniel's Gentlemen Jack has a toasty and roasty finish, with a lot of citrus and spices. If you enjoy the classic Jack Daniel's whiskey drink, you are surely going to love the taste of Jack Daniel's Gentlemen Jack.

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