Davidoff XO Cognac

Davidoff XO Cognac

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The founder of Davidoff Cognacs is Zino Davidoff, but you might also know the Zino Davidoff Group for their accessories, fragrances, and even coffee! This is a Swiss-based family business, that has grown a lot over the years, and the collection of their products exudes elegance and style. Zino Davidoff was an adventurous lover of art, and through his products, he wanted to create the perfect brand. It is no surprise that he was able to do just that!

There are three cognacs offered by Davidoff, and one that really stands out for them is Davidoff XO Cognac. What makes it stand out at first is the bottle shape, which is short and round, with a high top. It has a rounded look, with a silver label in the front, as well as a silver cap that completes the look.

Of course, fans all know that what makes a perfect cognac is not the way it is bottled, although that does play a role. It all comes down to the aromas and taste that it offers, and fans know that Davidoff XO Cognac is incredible in all those areas. It is bottled at 40% ABV and has a deep golden-amber color. This spirit is aged for at least 10 years and is meant to be paired up with a high-end cigar or a relaxing evening. 

Davidoff XO Cognac has a complex aroma of prunes and plum, with elements of honey, red cedar, cloves, and licorice. When it comes to the taste, expect peaches, plum, honey, and oak notes. There is also a rather powerful fruit middle, with hints of peppermint. It offers a long and lasting finish, that will linger for some time. Every sip of this drink is lengthy and balanced. As with other products from Davidoff, the Davidoff XO Cognac is exceptionally sophisticated and classy, and well made for all occasions!

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