Crown Royal Bourbon Mash

Crown Royal Bourbon Mash

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Crown Royal became the top-selling Canadian whisky after it was released in the USA in the 1960s. The brand has high standards, and to this day they still strive to meet those standards with each bottle that is sold. Making the smoothest and finest Canadian Whisky all starts with the finest ingredients. 80% of their grain comes from Manitoba and its surrounding provinces. There are twelve distillation columns and five different recipes that produce individual whiskies that create their blend.  Crown Royal products are all aged in re-used or new charred oak barrels.

There is quite a lot to choose from when it comes to Crown Royal, but one of their most memorable options is definitely the Bourbon Mash. It was released in 2018 and has an affordable price. Bourbon Mash is a part of the company’s “The Blenders’ Series”, and it was a part of a controversy, considering that it is called Bourbon Mash while it is a blended Canadian whisky.

After initially approving the label for Crown Royal Bourbon Mash, TBBT realized its mistake. This is when the brand was granted a year, to continue using that name, considering that it already went out to the public. Currently, you can find Crown Royal Bourbon Mash bottled in their typical glass bottles, with a sign at the bottom stating that it is not bourbon whisky.

When you open a bottle of Crown Royal Bourbon Mash, you will be met with a rather pleasant but surprisingly lush scent. Fans get hints of green apples, pears, peaches, and white grapes. Bourbon Mash has incredibly light notes of hay hide and vanilla as well. The taste of this drink is rather dry, and as soon as you take your first sip you will notice its unique depth. It offers a taste of lush fruits, with mixed dry leather, oak, and vanilla. The leather and oak taste are present from start to finish, with hints of peaches, vanilla, and apple in the middle. The finish is overall light and fades well.

Crown Royal Bourbon Mash has a familiar golden brown color. It is 80 proof Canadian whisky, sold in 750ml bottles. You can drink the whisky however you want, but the suggested serving is in combination with cola, ice, and a lime wedge!

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