cacti agave spiked seltzer

Cacti Agave Hard Seltzer Variety Pack

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Unlike a lot of canned spirits, Cacti is special because the liquor used to enhance its appeal for adults is premium blue agave tequila. Top shelf tequila makes a huge difference in the flavor, mouth feel and level of refreshment you feel as you sip a cold Cacti from the can, or create your own cacti infused cocktails for a party you will always remember with friends.

7% alcohol by volume puts it on par with a very strong beer or light tropical drink,
and the Lime flavor will have you feel like you are in Cabo San Lucas for the first
time, all over again. A lime that can best be described as refreshingly tart, and never sour, Cacti Lime Agave Spiked Seltzer is so much better than slipping a lime wedge into a light beer, or having to carry around a frozen margarita machine. We have heard that some bartenders are starting to serve Cacti Lime in the can with
a salted rim as well, which makes sense since Cacti is more of a bar drink experience
than most other adult beverages even though it’s conveniently available as a solo
cocktail or in a six pack from Liquor Stars.

You may not see Cacti in your local stores yet, because it’s brand new, but you can
always count on to be here with your best beverages anywhere you
live as we continue our quest to provide you with flavor and enjoyment nationwide.


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