Burnside West End Blend

Burnside West End Blend

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Burnside West End Blend all started in 2008, with a small rum importer, which eventually grew and turned to be one of Portland’s first and only publicly traded distillery; Eastside Distilling. They have developed, matured, and perfected their spirits for over 12-years, while constantly trying to fit a new standard on the market. The Eastside Distilling includes many originals, just like Burnside Whiskeys!

From its slightly different bottle shape to that perfect amber-gold color, the Burnside West End Blend is a whiskey that lovers of the spirit will enjoy. The Burnside family of American whiskeys can be found in Portland. It is located on Burnside Street, which has been and is still a thriving hub of activity, alive with iconic record stores, creative expressions, famous venues, and daily street performances.

If you are a lover of whiskeys, then you must try the Burnside Whiskey collection. The first thing that gets fans attention is their simplistic labeling, and the color. Plus, the Burnside West End Blend has won a Double Gold medal in 2018. This brand has the confidence that one needs to be a leading distiller worldwide.

The Burnside West End Blend offers a meticulous blend of American whiskeys, which all differ in age. Upon opening your first bottle of Burnside West End Blend, you will be taken in by the sweet aroma of biscuits and nuttiness. Smelling a dessert in a bottle of whiskey is quite unexpected, but greatly welcomed.

The flavor of Burnside West End Blend stands out well, and you will be met with a full-bodied and low octane flavor. There will be hints of grass, coconut, and corn, which all nicely mingle with a gentle toasted oak touch. In simple words, this is what makes a killer whiskey sour, as they like to put it. Burnside West End Blend is bottled at 42%, in 750 mil bottles and is also great for cocktails, but it is known to be enjoyed on the rocks as well.

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