Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey

Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey

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Back in 2008, a small rum importer was founded, and now it is known as Portland’s first and only publicly traded craft distillery. There is a lot of experience here when it comes to creating that perfect spirit blend, and Eastside Distilling knows what they are doing. They have not only developed and matured their drinks, but they have also perfected the taste, which has got them plenty of awards over their up-and-coming start.

Eastside Distilling has plenty to offer, and their very well-known brand called Burnside will surely get your attention. The Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey is one of their meticulous blends of straight whiskey and straight rye, all of different ages, terroir, and mash bill. Rye whiskey can be exceptionally good when made right, and Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey brings the flavor combination together well.

The Burnside whiskeys are all bottled in the same type of bottle, with different colored labels. Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey has a deep amber color, and it is known for winning both the Gold and Double Gold medal for its tastes. If you are a fan of rye whiskeys, you are going to fall in love with Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey.

This whiskey has an aroma of herbaceous wish coriander, cassia, toffee, orange peel, allspice, and peach hints. Upon having your first sip of Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey, you will be welcomed with dried spices and bold peach notes. As the flavor lingers, you can expect a unique balance of cassia and malt, together with toffee.

The finish offers warm hints of toasted oak and mint. While rye whiskeys can often be spicy, Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey is more delicate. It is a perfect drink for those who enjoy whiskey straight, and also performs extremely well in a whiskey cocktail. It all depends on the drink that you personally prefer.

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