Big Gin Bourbon Barreled

Big Gin Bourbon Barreled

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“Rested for 6 months in once-used bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill Distillery, the gin retains the giant juniper notes while gaining tremendously warm, woody spice form the barrel.” - Master of Malt

Tasting Notes
A nose of sappy pine and beeswax, with a hint of spiced marmalade. On the palate, elements of wood sap, beeswax and resinous juniper. This is followed by an intense spiciness, such as complex green cardamom, then on to a more mellow spice with vanilla and light cinnamon.
Botanical Bill
Juniper, coriander, bitter orange peel, grains of paradise, angelica, cassia, orris, cardamom, Tasmanian pepperberry.

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