Absolut 100 1L

Absolut 100 1L

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The Absolut 100 vodka with its 50-alcohol content is one of the strengths of the Absolut Distillery in Sweden, which has been producing vodka for over a century and has a worldwide reputation.

Despite the dark, attractive and persuasive black bottle, the vodka is clear and pure in color, just like its taste, which is introduced with character and strong personality. The hints of cereals and spices come from the first taste but are immediately energized by the freshness of lemon and mandarin peels. The notes of aromatic herbs are perceived in the background, carefully selected to give depth and harmony to this distillate of great balance. The palate is enveloped by warmth and warmed by the sweetness that manages to create a long, persistent and full of softness finish. Very pleasant and appreciated even by the most sought after palates.

Seductive and elegant, this vodka is served cold in the city's trendiest venues, at parties that count and as a grand finale in thick dinners, with intimate and familiar guests or with high-level guests. Perfect in its smooth version or served with ice, it lends itself gladly as part of unique and unforgettable cocktails.

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