Aberlour 18 Year Single Malt Highland Scotch Whiskey

Aberlour 18 Year Single Malt Highland Scotch Whiskey

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Looking for that single malt whiskey with a tangy spice that has been brought to a beautiful level of maturity. Well look no further than the Abelour distillery, because the Abelour 18 Years Whiskey is going to leave everyone that tastes it wanting more. To understand how this distillery manages to create such a masterpiece of a whiskey, one should know.


Aberlour’s truly unique taste is derived from two fundamentally important ingredients: pure, soft water of the Ben Rinnes and barley grown within 15 miles of the distillery. After steeping the barley in water, it’s then transferred into a germination vessel by our expert maltsters, turning regularly to promote even growth. Once the sugar levels are at their peak, the maltsters kiln dry the sprouting barley. This is known as the malt. The craftsmen then slowly grind the malt into grist. 


Heated spring water is added to the grist in the mashing machine before entering the mash tun, where it is gently stirred to convert starch into sugar. The wort and following water applications ensure all the sugars and flavors are leeched from the grist. The water used is from the Birkenbush Springs, a crystalline source of water that any distiller would be honored to use. Continuing on leads into the distillation process and aging, which then leads to the best part of all, the tasting. What flavors can you expect from such a whiskey?


After being double casked in Oloroso sherry casks, and American oak barrels, the Abelour 18 Years Whiskey takes on incredible aromas and flavors. The color of this delicious whiskey is an auburn gold color, that denotes the richness that lay within. With complex aromas of toffee and butterscotch that intermingle with a bitter orange citrus and ripe peaches. The initial flavors to touch your tongue are that of apricot and cream, which develop into that of blackcurrant, sweet oak, and delicate notes of honey. By the end of this delicious whiskey it finishes with crème brulee and an oaky flourish. 


This is a delicious whiskey that people will be clamoring over to lay their lips upon. We recommend acquiring a bottle while you still can.

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