The Macallan Edition No. 2

The Macallan Edition No. 2

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Only whiskey that is made in Scotland can be called Scotch, and it needs to be made from malted barley in order to have the title. In the late 18th century, distilleries began introducing whiskey made from both wheat and rye. There are many Scottish distilleries in production, numbering over 200.

With five distinctive categories in today’s market, choosing the right one for you can take some thought. Many people like to try many different types of Scotch to see which one is best for them. All Scotch must be aged for a minimum of three years and must be bottled at the strength of 40% alcohol by volume or more. There are numerous prominent companies in the Scotch industry, and Macallan is one of them.

Here, Liquor Stars offers The Limited Edition Series, No. 2. With a unique selection of oak cask styles that are combined to yield a limited-edition edition each year, Macallan showcases its commitment to sourcing the very best through this product.

The alcohol by volume of this offering is 48.2%. The flavor is both rich and deep, and this is a fine product for people who are looking for Scotch coming from an experienced team. Its golden color has a ginger, toffee, and treacle nose. This Scotch also has rich fruits. It is warm and has some spice, with hints of chocolate and brown sugar combined with black pepper and cloves. There are other tones, such as oak, nuts, and licorice also featured. The flow for this Scotch is full, slow, and warm.

Also featured are distinctive aromas coming from this enjoyable Scotch which many people love. The casks that are used are exceptional, and master distiller approved. Explore this edition of Macallan Scotch, and make sure to come back and give your rating to help other people make the best decisions possible for whiskey that suits their needs.

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