Your Ultimate Guide To Various Types Of Liquor

It’s always extremely useful to understand the types of liquor available, regardless if you are trying to get into spirits for the first time or widening your drink selection in your home bar. Greater knowledge of what goes into your favorite drink lays the foundation to move on to mixed drinks and cocktails, and understand the optimal way to drink a spirit to extract the best flavors. Here is a guide for you to learn more about the various types of liquor.


Vodka is a neutral-flavored, clear spirit that is generally touted as odorless and tasteless like water. Among all the liquors around, vodka tastes the purest with the least flavor. And because of its lack of flavor, it’s a versatile option when it comes to cocktails since it can mix well with many different ingredients.

Vodka is typically manufactured with grains or potatoes but it can technically be made from anything, even grapes.


Whiskey is generally made by distilling fermented grains but differs from vodka in that whiskey is matured or aged in wooden barrels for a process of time after distillation. The barrels are what impart the aromas, color, and flavor into the whiskey which you wouldn’t want to have in your vodka.

Moreover, this drink is produced virtually everywhere but each country has a set of different requirements and laws to classify a spirit as a whiskey.


Gin remains a rather popular spirit among alcohol lovers. With distilleries also experimenting with various botanicals, the trend for the drink is riding high.

Similar to vodka, gin is clear and can combine well with numerous ingredients. But gin is flavored with different botanical types which give them a unique taste.


Contrary to popular beliefs, tequila is not just a cheap spirit of poor quality that most college students love to consume. This drink is in fact the most underrated out of all the commonly used spirits. Tequila is produced by distilling fermented blue agave juice which is from a plant only native to Mexico.


Rum is distilled from molasses or sugarcane and then left to age in large wooden barrels. Rum is predominantly produced in the Caribbean. A fascinating fact about this spirit is that it matures comparably quicker in the barrels in tropical climates.


Out of all the liquors on this list, the drink that you’ll most likely drink the least is brandy. Despite its low popularity among liquor fans, it remains an essential liquor to know more about. Generally, brandy is an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented fruit juice, specifically using grapes which is similar to that of wine, although any type of distilled fermented fruit beverage can be termed as brandy.

They are typically aged in wooden barrels to provide them with the necessary spirit texture, aroma, and flavor. Also, they are most definitely accompanied by an age statement whereby the best brandy would be a few decades old!

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