Five Reasons Drinking Whiskey Could Be Good For You

Whiskey is an extremely enjoyable drink to have during a special event or to share with friends after work, it may be surprising to many that it actually has several benefits to one’s health. Here are the some of the top benefits of drinking whiskey.

Aid in Digestion

Indigestion is a common problem, especially just after a large meal. If you feel a rumble in your stomach or feel nauseous, whiskey can be an excellent remedy to help ease the stomach. Specifically, high-proof whiskeys can provide stimulation for your stomach enzymes which gets your digestion process moving faster.

Decreases Risk of Dementia

Dementia remains one of the most pervasive diseases faced by aging adults. While there isn’t a cure for dementia, there are some preventative steps to help minimize the risks. In a study conducted in 2003, adults that consumed up to six glasses of whiskey weekly showed that the risk of suffering dementia lowered by half as compared to heavy drinkers and non-drinkers. It’s important to note that moderation is crucial as consuming more than one glass of whiskey a day can adversely impact the body’s health.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Based on numerous studies conducted, consuming a glass of whiskey on a daily basis can actually help to lower the risks of developing heart related problems like heart failure and heart disease. This is attributed to the fact that an acceptable amount of alcohol can aid in raising the amount of “good cholesterol” in the blood stream. It acts as a natural protection to fend against heart disease.

Lowers Stress

By juggling between your work commitments, family and worries with daily life, stress can get in the way. A glass of whiskey can do a whole lot to help you relax and take off the edge as alcohol has calming properties on the nerves. For people that deal with high anxiety or stress, whiskey is a viable temporary remedy. However, alcohol shouldn’t be relied on for dealing with stress long-term or be seen as the only solution as it can lead to further negative consequences if abused.

Reduces Blood Clotting

If you suffer from an internal injury, the body’s natural instinct is to clot the blood to stop further bleeding. But the clot may spread into a different blood system such as the brain, lung or heart which could lead to bigger problems.

Fortunately, whiskey can largely reduce the amount of blood clots since it naturally contains blood thinning properties. Having a glass of whiskey once a while can help significantly lower the chances of developing a blood clot.  Additionally, blood clots can often result in serious problems if they get mixed together with the bad cholesterol. As previously mentioned, whiskey helps to promote the production of good cholesterol. Even if you do have blood clots, it’s not as likely to develop into more serious issues like a stroke.

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