What To Drink In The New Year

It’s a new year, and that means a lot of us have put forth a list of things we wish to change about ourselves before we move on into 2021. New years offer us the concept of change and exploration, and the ability to hopefully shed off the past mistakes of the old year, and move forward into new adventures. 

This means you should be open to trying some new things, and reinstating the word, “Yes!”, back into your more common vocabulary. With so many options of new roads your life could go down, another thing to remember is the common rut we get into when it comes to our cocktails. I love a good whiskey and soda as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try an original whiskey sour if it’s offered. In fact, branching out in almost all degrees will really put a new twist on your new year.

We all fall into a bit of a rut when it comes to booze. You find the cocktails you like, or the purity of spirits to be what pleases you, and then you don’t bother branching out. It’s always good to have your favorites, but that doesn’t mean that new favorites can’t be awaiting you right over the horizon. Go online and find some cocktails that are based around your favorite spirits, and then either experiment at home with friends, or head out to your favorite mixologist. Not only will you open up your taste buds to a new variety of amazing concoctions, but you’ll be able to share your explorations with your friends, family, and dates. Imagine being out and about, and you’re the one that orders a new cocktail that changes a mediocre date into a dazzling wonder of new possibilities. Be the adventurous change you wish to see in your cocktails.