What Is Hard Seltzer And Is It Good For You?

If you keep up with trends in alcohol drinking, even in the slightest, you must've already seen, heard of, or tried hard seltzer. On the other hand, if you don't know much about hard seltzer, you're in for a treat. It's all the rage among drinkers nowadays, but what exactly is hard seltzer? Read on for the low-down on hard seltzer now!

What is Hard Seltzer?

You may also know hard seltzer by its various other names: spiked seltzer, hard sparkling water, alcoholic seltzer, and many others. Hard seltzer is essentially alcoholic carbonated water with fruity flavorings. Depending on the brand you purchase from, these fruity flavors can be based on real fruit juice or artificial flavorings.

There are many reasons why hard seltzer has risen to popularity the way it has recently, and one of them may appeal to you.

Why is Hard Seltzer so Popular?

There are various reasons that when combined, have led to hard seltzer's explosive popularity making perfect sense. For one, the most common flavorings for hard seltzer consist of citrus, berries, and tropical fruits. This makes it a great, party-friendly thirst quencher that's suitable for casual drinking as well as heavier drinking sessions. Just picture yourself downing a crisp peach vodka and soda hard seltzer. With the wide variety of fresh flavors to enjoy, there's a hard seltzer for everyone.

An interesting cultural factor could also be how hard seltzer is marketed in a very gender-neutral manner, and boasts gender-neutral flavors in its wide repertoire. This makes hard seltzer less intimidating for a female audience to pick up and indulge in, compared to stereotypical "manly" drinks like beer. On the other hand, men can enjoy hard seltzer with no hesitation.

One extremely noteworthy contributing factor that we'd like to mention is how healthy hard seltzer can be compared to other boozy delights.

Is Hard Seltzer Good for You?

To understand how hard seltzer can be beneficial for the body, you first have to understand how hard seltzer is made. Hard seltzer's booziness usually comes from fermented cane sugar, converting most of the sugar into alcohol. This adds one more alternative for those with celiac disease and other related conditions to have on a night out. While it is rarer, another alternative that you may see is hard seltzer made up of malted barley. If you live a gluten-free life, make sure that the hard seltzer you add to your shopping cart isn't malted.

Hard seltzer also offers an outstanding advantage for weight-conscious individuals. Hard seltzers tend to be lower in alcohol percentage, making them lower in calorie count that's gentler on your waistline. (For those who enjoy higher alcohol content, keep a lookout for brands that do offer boozier seltzers.) We also can't forget the sugar, a contributor to obesity. Most of the fermented cane sugar used in making hard seltzer is converted into alcohol, making it less sugary than other types of alcohol.

Craving Hard Seltzer Now?

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