Some Booze To Build Out A Good Bar With

Having a good mix of delicious liquor to build out your bar with is going to be essential in leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Having some quality booze to mix with, and then some sipping liquors as well, will give your bar a healthy appeal to almost every type of palate. What does it take to build out this kind of bar? Well read on my friend, and we’ll give you some of our secrets for building a quality beginning selection of boozy treats.

Keeping a tasty bourbon on hand is going to be essential for building a few staple classy cocktails. Manhattans and Old Fashioneds are some of the most renowned bourbon cocktails of old that are quite often ordered in this day and age. A nice bottle of Eagle Rare on your bar cart will give your Manhattans and Old Fashioneds a deliciously rich Kentucky bourbon to play on the tongues of all of your guests, and will only run you around $50. The price is matched by the quality, and will be able to enrich any bourbon drinks you put together, for yourself, or your lucky friends.

Looking to make a delicious daquiri from scratch? Then having a quality rum on hand is going to be an absolute necessity. There are plenty of good rums to choose from out there, but one with a bit of complexity will really turn the average daquiri into a revelatory experience. Our suggestion is to stock your bar with some BUMBU XO, which runs around $40 a bottle. This rum has a healthy complexity to it that ranges from bananas and chocolate, to cinnamon. All of these flavors unveil themselves in the first sip, and will turn any rum cocktail into a decadent treat, or be just as delightful sipped solo over ice.

Next up, it’s time to find a tasty tequila to have on hand. We recommend having a tequila that can be used for both sipping, and for turning into cocktails. Cazadores Tequila Blanco is a well-rounded silver tequila that can be sipped or turned into any number of delicious drinks. The versatility of this tequila is only matched by its very affordable price, and sells for around $33. 

If you’re going to show your guests that you have a modicum of class, then you’ll need to have a decent gin on hand. Everyone that really drinks martinis knows that a gin martini is the true martini, and a dry gin with an herbaceous finish will turn any martini into a complex wonder. What’s a good gin that will keep you classy in the eyes of your gin drinking guests? We recommend The Botanist Islay Dry Gin to rest upon your bar cart. You’ll have a dry herbal wonder at hand, that will delight any gin drinker to cross your threshold.