Scotch Vs. Whiskey: The Ultimate Spirit Comparison

Did you know that whisky actually means “water of life”? Its name derives from the Gaelic words “uisge beatha’ which means water of life, as the monks used this spirit for medicinal purposes. Real scotch whiskey has to originate from Scotland and must be produced and matured entirely within Scotland for it to truly be considered true whiskey. Many people often mistake scotch and whiskey to be the same spirit, but they do sport a number of differences in their production and origin. Hence, when comparing scotch vs. whiskey, how do both of these spirits differ?


To fully understand the difference between both spirits, one should first understand how each spirit is produced. Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage created with the fermentation of grain mash with about 40 percent alcohol by volume. These spirits often come in a wide range of varieties and differ based on the grain mash, production location, aging process, and a number of other factors. Whiskey is produced when the distilleries let it age for a minimum of two years. If the aging process is under four years, the distillery is required to print a statement on the label, and these spirits are often aged with white oak barrels, sherry casks, charred sherry oak barrels, or other variations. The wooden barrel-aging process is crucial in this spirit, as the process plays a crucial role in the overall flavor and character of the whiskey. The wooden barrels also add hints of vanilla and caramel into this alcohol, making this spirit of fermented grains gain its complex medley of different flavors. Called whiskey in Scotland, this spirit is commonly referred to as whisky in other parts of the world. Whiskey has a number of different subcategories such as bourbon, rye, Irish whiskey, and Japanese whiskey, but the most notable form of whiskey is scotch.


Scotch is a specific type of spirit under the umbrella of the whiskey family. Simply put, a scotch broadly refers to a whiskey that is produced in Scotland. However, its flavors do vary greatly due to the different production and traditions made on this alcoholic beverage, with these variations creating a sweet or smoky flavor with notes of caramel, vanilla, or savory tones. Unlike American whiskeys, made primarily out of corn and rye, Scotch is made mainly out of malted barley. Malted barley is produced by soaking partially germinated barley in water before drying it, encasing the alcohol at the exact moment to produce the most depth of flavor. This creates a distinct malty aroma to the scotch which makes it stand out compared to other spirits. There are multiple types of scotch whiskey, all with their own unique taste and preparation, but the main kinds of Scotch we enjoy are single-grain, single-malt, blended, cask-strength, and scotch eighteen-year-old whiskeys.

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