Make Your MLK Day Celebration Sparkle with Top-Shelf Flavored Vodka

Martin Luther King day and celebrations are right around the bend on Monday, January 18th and with that being said, there’s no time like the present that the celebration of fair human rights and African American’s rights is important. Let’s remember that Martin Luther King wanted to bring social justice, equal rights, and fairness to all Americans. Even though there are not many in-person events happening due to the pandemic, it doesn’t mean the celebration isn’t happening safely at your home. You also have the option to join the remote and online celebrations

So why not enjoy yourself and spend time safely indoors with your close-knit circle and party with the top-shelf Ciroc flavored vodka?! You can make excellent cocktails or even enjoy the spirit on the rocks. Ciroc comes in many flavors such as French vanilla, coconut, black raspberry, watermelon, and more.

The Ciroc brand is known for its unique production process as it stems from grapes rather than deriving from potatoes, grain, or corn. To make Ciroc, the juice from the grapes that is extracted is fermented and distilled 5 times. The first four distillations of the Ugni Blanc grapes occur in stainless steel column stills and the Mauzac Blanc grapes are distilled in copper continuous stills. Once distilled separately, they are blended together and the 5th and final distillation take place in a traditional Armagnac style copper pot still. This process attracts people from all over the world to try Ciroc because of its unique process. 

This top-shelf vodka is also 100 percent gluten-free. You know to expect top quality taste and smoothness from Ciroc and you can expect a smooth taste with any flavor you choose. The word “Ciroc” is a portmanteau of the French word, cime, which means peak or summit top, and roche, which means rock. The name is a reference to the high-altitude region where the Mauzac grapes are grown and harvested. 

Ciroc Ultra-Premium Vodka gained in popularity after Sean “Diddy” Combs began to handle the promotion and marketing in the US in 2007. Diddy and the British alcohol beverage maker Diageo split profits 50-50. Ciroc Vodka was first launched in 2003 by Jean-Sebastian Robicquet, master distiller. Experience what Ciroc brings to the top-shelf table and purchase a bottle of Ciroc Vodka today.