Jim Beam Vs. Jack Daniel’s: What Sets The Two Whiskeys Apart

Did you know that drinking whiskey actually comes with a wide range of health benefits? Drinking a moderate amount of whiskey can help prevent cancer, and reduce the chances of stroke and heart diseases. Drinking one to six glasses of whiskey in a week can also reduce the risk of cognitive impairments such as dementia, with whiskey being George Washington, Winston Churchill, and Thomas Jefferson’s drink of choice! Jim Beam and Jack Daniel’s are certainly two of the most popular brands of whiskey in the current market, with these bottles of whiskey being a mainstay in most liquor stores. Both hailing from large commercial distilleries, they are placed in a similar price category and are both globally established brands. A bourbon whiskey produced in Clermont, KY, Jim Beam is made from a minimum of 51 percent corn. Jack Daniel’s, a Tennessee whiskey, has a similar makeup with 80 percent corn in its production. With the main differences being in their production processes and origin, this results in two distinct tastes which make both brands the established titans in the industry today. How do both whiskeys differ? Find out the difference between Jim Beam vs. Jack Daniel’s now!


Although both whiskeys are made in neighboring states, both brands’ origins are separated by over 70 years. Jim Beam was founded in 1795 by a farmer in Kentucky named Johannes Jacob Beam, as he created a new type of whiskey based on his family recipe and an excess supply of corn. He sold it under the name of Old Jake Beam, and his son Davin began managing the distillery at the tender age of 18 and expanded and grew the distillery. Jack Daniels was established later in 1866 by Jasper Jack Newton Daniel, as he was adopted by distiller Dan Call and mentored into whiskey production by Nathan Green, the first Black master distiller in America. Jack Daniel developed the Lincoln County process, where the whiskey is filtrated through sugar maple charcoal before maturation, creating an iconic and important flavor to their whiskey, with a mash bill of 80% corn, 8% rye, and 12% barley with the filtrated spirit being aged for at least 4 years in new charred American oak.


Jack Daniel’s alcohol content for their iconic Old No.7 was adjusted to different levels until it settled at 80 proof, the same as Jim Beam’s flagship white label. The Jim Beam original boasted fine aromas of caramel, vanilla, and cornbread, mixing perfectly with zesty aromas of lemon, spice, pine forests, and hints of toffee, sticky pudding, and caramelized fruit. Unlike the golden mahogany hue of the Jim Beam, Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 glows a light amber hue, with sweet aromas of honey, vanilla, and toasted oak harmonizing with scents of dried red fruit and marzipan. On the palate, the Jim Beam is spicy with toasted oak, sporting hints of dry paper and pepper coming together with light hints of vanilla. The Jack Daniel’s has an oak and butterscotch sweetness mixed with hints of sour in cherries and cereal, with the bits of fruit and loads of vanilla coming together to create a complex harmony of flavors.

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