How to Impress Your Guests by Making Signature Cocktails for Events

When it comes to impressing your friends at events, creating signature cocktails will surely win them over especially because you took the time to make something for all to enjoy and made the event, party, or get-together extra special. It’s not difficult to make a signature cocktail and in this blog post, we give the details to help you do so. 

One of the easiest ways to get you started is to not invent the wheel meaning you could do a personal twist on a classic cocktail. Margaritas and martinis are great drinks to personalize as the ingredients can change depending on preferences, time of the year, and even based on your event itself. 

You want to make sure you have all the tools you need to create your signature cocktail. This could include shakers, stirrers, shot glasses, squeezers, and more. You can purchase these items in a set and use them anytime you’re entertaining guests or enjoying a cocktail or two after a long day. 

Also, an important step in the process is to consider what kind of alcohol your guests enjoy. Do your guests prefer dark or light spirits? You could also always make two signature cocktails so they have a choice If your event has a theme, run with it! If not, that means you can be as creative as you chose. 

Add two parts of the base alcohol (rum, whiskey, vodka, etc) to a shaker, 1 part sweet (simple syrup, sugar cube, agave, honey, etc) to a shaker, and 1 part sour (lime, lemon, etc). Strain the mixture into a glass with ice and add a garnish such as rosemary. Ice is always important and one way to make sure your ice tastes better than just run the mill tap water-based ice is to boil the water before putting it into your ice tray or use spring water. 

One pro tip is to practice and make several cocktails at home, trying the different combinations and seeing what works and tastes good. Also, give your cocktail a name. This can be tricky but it can also be quirky, creative, and fun and allows you to showcase your event’s theme, your personality, or a bit of both.