Get Inspired With These Creative Hard Seltzer Cocktail Hacks

Love hard seltzer, but wish you could do something more creative with it than just drinking it from the can? Get some inspiration for your next night of booze with friends from these hard seltzer cocktail hacks!

Add Some Fresh Fruit

Since most hard seltzers are flavored with fruit already, this hack is a no-brainer. Depending on what flavor of drink you're having, you can either keep the flavors consistent or mix it up. We recommend adding fresh fruit that corresponds with the flavor of your spiked seltzer of choice, such as dropping fresh strawberries into a glass of strawberry-flavored hard seltzer. You could also mix it up by adding a lemon or lime to an unflavored seltzer, or a non-citrus flavored seltzer to add a refreshing kick to your drink.

Mix With Fruit Juices

In the same vein as the last hack, you can add a fruity punch to your hard seltzer drinking cocktail. Why not pour and mix some juice to make a delicious, fruity hard seltzer cocktail? It'll keep you from drinking too much too quickly, great for anyone looking for a fresh way to dilute your drink, keeping you partying for longer!

Swap Hard Seltzer Into a Cocktail

Hard seltzers and clear spirits make for a great, boozy flavor combination. Rather than soda, you can incorporate a spiked seltzer into your next vodka shot. Due to both of them being carbonated drinks, you receive the same fizziness, but with extra flavor and alcohol.

If you're unsure about the combinations of flavors, you can go for an unflavored seltzer that'll have little impact on the flavor profile of your drink, ensuring that the tastes don't clash. Extra tip: citrus-flavored seltzers go great with gin too. Just add a little honey! Do take note that this hack doesn't apply to tonic water.

Spruce it up With a Cocktail Herb

Want to make your hard seltzer look and taste a bit more fancy? Using herbs such as a sprig of lavender or rosemary, or a few mint leaves is a unique idea. This creates a beautiful, elegant cocktail that's hard to believe came out of a can of hard seltzer. Herbs can be incorporated in various ways, such as muddling them into the drink or using them as a garnish. Not only does it make your cocktail look good, but it also makes it taste good too.

Combine Drinks For a New Experience

This is one of the simplest methods you can use to create an innovative drinking experience for yourself. The best part about this hack is that there are no rules! You can use and mix and flavors you want. There's no need to get fancy to make up any new flavors.

We suggest trying out interesting flavor combinations with drinks from the same brands, to keep some consistency that allows for harmonious flavor combinations. Our recommendation? Mixing peach hard seltzer and lime hard seltzer creates a perfect hard seltzer cocktail that'll have your friends asking how you came up with it.