Building Out The Best Bar Cart

It seems like a simple task, the idea of putting together a respectable bar that will help you furnish your guests with delicious cocktails, but the little details often get overlooked. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend a fortune on all of your bar accouterment, you can definitely keep it to a budget, and still have a source of pride for all of your cocktail making endeavors. First off, you should make sure your bar cart is organized and cleanly. 

The last thing you want is to have to search for your tools when trying to build a delicious drink, or for your guests to taste dust in their cocktails. You can build an incredible experience around a series of selected cocktails, especially if you pair the drinks you wish to make to the food you want to serve. Starting with intentional cocktails that are going to open up the palette, or build a rich, or airy, flavor set to begin with, may have you shining like a Gatsbyesque diamond for your company. To reach this level of mixology acclaim from your guests, you need to take baby steps first, and that means having the right tools.

Look for some of the basics for mixing, and try to pick out the right tools for the job that have a classy look to them. A great place to start is with a diamond cut mixing glass. Not only is a mixing glass extremely useful for making some of the more delicate cocktails, it also gives your guests a way to see what you’re doing, and bask in the artistry of the cocktail itself. Imagine getting to watch Vangough apply the delicate brush strokes to Starry Night, and how that would’ve felt to see a masterpiece put together, and then imagine being able to drink it. You’ll dazzle your friends, dates, and loved ones with your mixing skills, and turn an evening at home into a classy affair.

You have a lovely mixing glass to stir in, and now you need some quality shaking tins to put together those frothy daiquiris you’ll be hand shaking for your company. Having two shaking tins that fit together, instead of the ones with the nipple on top of them will grant you a better build of froth, and a less likely chance of the tins sticking together. The nipple topped shakers are notorious for getting stuck after a number of uses, and that’s a hassle you don’t need when you’re trying to impress a guest. 

The next items on the list are going to be a quality Hawthorne strainer, a jigger for measuring, and a good muddler for all of those fancy mashes you’ll be putting together. None of these items should cost you that much, and will give you the ability to make just about any cocktail you have the ingredients for. One you’ve found all the right tools for cocktail wizardry, then it’s just going to be about finding the right liquors to create a wide range of delicious drinks.