Booze Isn’t The Bad Guy Bad Judgement Is

It’s funny to think about the reputation that inanimate substances can gain from the poor judgement of the people that misuse them. As if the whiskey is to blame for you getting in fight over a sports team, or the tequila kept telling you to take your clothes off at your holiday office party. People like to imbue spirits with an intellect and will of some sort, so that they don’t have to feel as responsible for their behavior when they overdo it. Yes, if you have waning self-control, then you shouldn’t be around a room full of delicious booze in the first place, but the bottles certainly didn’t pour themselves into your mouth. It’s such a human trait to want to place the blame somewhere else, and then the tasty spirits that so many of us enjoy become a dalliance with evil in the eyes of high-horsed I-told-you-so’s. 

If you find you have an issue with controlling yourself in drinking scenarios, or other people refer to you as, Drunky The Clown, on a regular basis, then put in place some tools to help you maintain. A good one is to have a, “spotter”, with you. What does that mean? It means you have a friend that actively monitors your drinking, and then stops you before you have one too many. 

Yes, that means you have to agree ahead of time what that means, but then it also means that you give way to their judgement in the case of all things alcohol. Is this foolproof? No, of course not. What it will do is give you some back-up against your own bad judgement, and possibly regain a bit of your standing amongst your other friends that can hold their liquor a bit better. Remember, booze isn’t the enemy, your poor choices are, and that means asking for a little help in making them, might be what keeps you invited to any upcoming events.