Blanco Vs. Reposado Tequila: Know The Difference

Did you know that tequila is a healthy drink linked to improving weight loss? The agavins, indigestible sugar found in tequila, prevent spikes in blood sugar while stimulating your body’s metabolism, lowering cholesterol, and aiding the digestive process of your body. Tequila has been a wildly popular spirit over the recent years, with over 17 million cases sold in 2017 alone. With five different classifications of tequila available in the market today, Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo, we will be focusing on the differences between the two more commonly enjoyed variations of this drink, Blanco vs. Reposado tequila. Hence, here are the differences between these two different tequilas!


To understand the differences between both spirits, one should first understand the differences in their production. Tequila is distilled in one of the five regions of Mexico, where it is distilled with an agave base. It can be either “mixto” (51/49 split between agave and other sweeteners respectively) or pure agave. Processed through the fermentation of the agave plant, they bake, mash, and ferment the sugar into a spirit to be distilled twice into a concentrate cut with water to make the drink. The differences emerge however in the aging process, with Reposado being aged for two months to a year in an oak barrel with different flavors being infused during this process to enrich and elevate its flavor. Blanco differs in how it does not get aged at all, highlighting the fresh and powerful tones of agave in its purest form.


Blanco and Reposado tequila both differ in their flavor pairings when mixed into a drink. Reposado plays both roles of the main character and supporting cast beautifully. With hints of vanilla, jasmine, and citrus, these light tones can elevate the flavor of the tequila and make it the star of the drink. A Reposado boasts the complex flavors of oak and vanilla from its aging process and hence tends to shine in heavier cocktails, with a Reposado on the rocks and a Reposado Paloma highlighting the versatility of this spirit well. It can elevate the flavors of the different ingredients in the drink while also shining entirely by itself, making it a versatile yet complex spirit for you to enjoy. Blanco differs from Reposado in its flavors and pairings, with its vibrant flavors making it perfect for iced, fruity drinks to be enjoyed. Its flavor pairings all serve to highlight its bright and pure flavors, with this spirit often being found in Margaritas, El Diablos, or Bloody Maria just to name a few. Blanco with fruity flavors is a match made in heaven, and the drinks made with this spirit all highlight the fun and carefree nature of this spirit. Enjoy these cocktails with a rim of tajin around the glass to further elevate the complex flavors of these tequilas.

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