5 Reasons You Should Try Japanese Whiskey

Is whiskey from Japan the greatest in the world? Most likely yes. They have recently won more accolades than their teacher Scotch. Of course, taste is a factor in everything. If you ask us, we would say probably. We like how they went about it and how this golden drink looks in general. You can see what we mean if you simply read the reasons that we will share in just a bit. Here are the few reasons why you should try Japanese whiskey and why it is the best spirit in the world.

Whisky or Whiskey?

Both spellings are acceptable. Nevertheless, there may be some disagreement on this point. Whisky is a Scottish word, while whiskey with an extra ‘e’ is an Irish word. The word's translation from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic variants led to a variance in spelling. Since more Irish people immigrated to America, whiskey with an extra ‘e’ is also favored in both countries.


Japanese whiskey producers respect tradition in order to deliver the finest quality spirits. Distillation is done with direct coal fire at Yoichi Distillery, just like how it was done centuries ago. This is one of the last places where this tradition is kept alive to retain maximum flavor.

Jing Jang

Japanese whiskeys differ from Scottish and American varieties. Scottish whiskeys can be overbearing, American whiskeys are powerful with a caramel finish, but Japanese whiskeys are clean and sophisticated. You will discover more blended whiskies than single malts in Japan because of the emphasis on harmony and balance that is based on the YIN and YANG philosophy.


Japanese distilleries do not exchange casks and do not share their stocks of whiskey like it is customary in the West. Suntory has one of the largest collections of various whiskeys in the world, and the majority of their blends are made in-house at their own distilleries. They can finish their "TSUKURIWAKE" philosophy, which is a philosophy of diversity in the making, in this way. In essence, this refers to combining various flavors to produce the most well-balanced whiskey.

Attention to Detail

The Japanese are known for their precision and attention to detail, two more factors that are essential in the creation of whiskey. For a sophisticated product like whiskey, the Japanese pay close attention to the nuances, which is of utmost importance. Although it could be stigmatized as an obsession in western culture, in the land of the rising sun, it is just a rule that one needs to abide by in order to succeed.

Natural Connection

The Japanese have a peaceful connection with Mother Nature. They feel whole with it, and they celebrate the beauty of that nature via seasonal festivals. They hold a profound appreciation for the natural world and consider themselves to be among the "eight million gods." Understanding the value of nature can give whiskey new dimensions. The Suntory distillery is doing all that is possible to ensure that the water remains soft and pure for future generations because it is the primary factor in manufacturing.