3 Best Irish Whiskies To Drink Or To Buy As Gifts

Irish whiskey is an easy-drinking spirit that is ideal for both whiskey novices and specialists because it is free of the nerdery that surrounds bourbon, without the regional knowledge needs of Scotch, and generally more affordable than both categories. There is a broad and varied selection of Irish whiskeys to be tasted and savored, despite the fact that they are typically known as a lighter whiskey without strong overtones of smoke or oaky vanilla. Some are better suited for mixing into cocktails, while others can be enjoyed neat like a quality scotch or bourbon. Here are the best Irish whiskies that are recommended for the year 2022.

Slane Irish Whiskey – 40% ABV – Caramel, Vanilla, Dried Fruit

One of the few who have revived the custom is Slane, who comes from the Boyne River Valley, which historically housed several other distilleries. This Irish whiskey, which is distilled on the property where the former Slane Castle once stood, is aged in a combination of virgin oak, seasoned whiskey, and Oloroso sherry casks. It has layers of caramel, vanilla, and dried fruit flavors and is robust. This reasonably priced bottle is a deal given its fascinating past, nuanced flavor, and illustrious musical connections (Slane Castle has hosted performances by Queen, David Bowie, and U2).

Redbreast 12 Year – 40% ABV – Baking Spices, Roasted Fruit, Nuts

Redbreast's 12 Year offering is excellent for whiskey newbies searching for a bottle to drink neat—and the ideal next step on your Irish whiskey journey. It is quite simple to consume and has hardly any scorching heat. According to bartenders in NYC, if people are looking to sip it, they particularly adore Redbreast because of the sherry flavors it picks up during the aging process. This whiskey is a favorite among many bartenders because it is fruity, light, and flecked with cinnamon and nutmeg. This now-iconic bottle offers a fantastic place to start delving into the intricacy of the category.

Jameson Irish Whiskey – 40% ABV – Grain, Lemon, Honey

The Jamo and Ginger, a whiskey and ginger concoction made with Jameson, is so well-liked that it has earned its own name. With only a hint of earthy cereal flavors, the Irish whiskey behemoth creates a spirit that is light, fruity, and incredibly user-friendly. It pairs well with most mixers, but ginger ale is especially delicious with it (or ginger beer for more spice). The spirit gives the beverage brightness by acting like a squeeze of citrus. Additionally, it is impossible to contest the emotional pull of a timeless film like Jamo and Ginger. When it comes to Irish whiskey, people speak of the nostalgia that goes to Jameson. It is also the bottle bartenders ran out of the fastest for a very long time. This was pretty much the only bottle they ever needed to make sure they kept in stock at the bar.

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