Porfidio Dolce X Agave Liqueur

Porfidio Dolce X Agave Liqueur

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Porfidio Dolce X Agave Liqueur has been specially created for those with a sweet tooth, 'Porfidio Dolce X' is best enjoyed neat and chilled, on the rocks. Any wine drinker with a taste for Pineau de Charantes, Spaetlaesen or Tawny Ports will fall in love with this Dolce X “at first taste”. Another innovative and unique creation by Porfidio which embodies the Porfidio spirit of “all-agaveness”.

'Porfidio Dolce X' is classified as a 'Vino de Agave'.

'Porfidio Dolce X' is made from 100% Blue Agave.

'Porfidio Dolce X' is created by fusing partially fermented pure blue agave juice with pure spirits distilled from 100% blue agave in accordance with a proprietary production technique.

The entire vino de agave is therefore exclusively composed of one single ingredient: blue agave.  There is no other vino de agave with this unique feature! No other sugars, flavors or ingredients are blended into Dolce X; this is simply pure agave purity at its most refined. 

'Porfidio Dolce X' is aged in barrels previously used for The Original by Porfidio.(barrel-aged 7 years).

Scientific analysis shows that agave juice has a reduced glycemic index when compared to other sweeteners (sugar cane, sugar beet, corn).


Hand-made highest-quality porcelain bottle (not ceramic)

Porcelain bottle glazed in a non-glossy color for extra elegance

The porcelain bottle is covered with a full-body protruding line pattern plus protruding letters plus protruding Porfidio cactus logo at three different protrusion levels 

Hand-embroidered textile labels

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