Batiste Ecoiste Rhum

Batiste Ecoiste Rhum

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Batiste Ecoiste Rhum is a rhum agricole created in the southeast region of
the French Caribbean island of Marie Galante. The fresh cut sugarcane is
fermented for 36 hours and distilled to 156 proof at Domaine Bellevue, a new
state of the art solar powered plantation.

The aroma delivers a base of sweet sugar cane grass balanced by tart tropical
fruit and light spice notes with a light air y sweet fade.

On the tongue, the rhum has an herbaceous entry with earthy mineral rich
sugarcane juice flavor punching through. The fruit notes from the aroma
manifest flavors of cooked banana and spicy ginger that lingers and dances
with the alcohol notes as the rhum transitions in to the finish. There is a subtle hint of mint as the flavors fade.

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