Ambros Banana Whiskey

Ambros Banana Whiskey

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Whiskey that has a taste of bananas, it is a unique treat to those with open minds. Whiskey fans who truly enjoy the taste of whisky have probably already heard about Ambros and their Banana flavored whiskey! Ambros Whiskey prides itself on being the first non-perishable flavored liquor that is infused with only real fruit (100%). In this case, bananas, as Ambros Banana Whiskey is a point of pride for their company.

How is banana whiskey made? Well, each batch is infused with 50.000 bananas (without juices, syrups, natural flavors, or fruit purees). At the state-of-the-art faculty in Nevada, these bananas are hand-peeled, where this 3-year-old whiskey will be infused, labeled, and bottled. Many wonder, why do they use bananas, out of all the fruit?

The reason is available to us. Bananas are the world’s most consumed and loved fruit. It is also the most underutilized cocktail flavor, and banana flavors go exceptionally great with other spirits and ingredients. Ambros Whiskey wanted to create an original taste, something that people will remember and enjoy, and with their Ambros Banana Whiskey, they hit the jackpot. This is an unique-tasting whiskey for the regular drinkers, but definitely in the positive light.

The whiskey has a deep copper color and is bottled in a very specific bottle shape. If needed, before drinking Ambros Whiskey, you can shake the bottle. At the very beginning, you will get a hint of banana-flavored candy, more than the actual fruit. The aroma is sweet and sharp, with a generalized hint of whiskey as well, which is what makes it a bit difficult to pick out any fruit. In fact, you might confuse it with the smell of different fruit, such as citrus fruit. It definitely is pleasing on the nose.

However, as soon as you taste Ambros Whiskey, you will get the taste of bananas, but instead of a fresh banana taste, it has a more dried banana-chips kind of taste. The banana taste really makes the whiskey itself come to life, and it is quite an experience. Eventually, you will also get a hint of caramel, ending it with a flambéed banana taste. It is delicious! For the true whiskey connoisseurs, this is something that tastes different to try on your palate, and it is known to be pricy for a flavored product. However, its specific taste is what makes Ambros Whiskey so incredibly distinct, interesting, and delicious!

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